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We provide manned security for many locations, whether its for the office, a warehouse or any other of your premises, D and D Security can provide security staff 24/7/365, tailored to your needs of-course!


We offer teams for your events, if you need entrance searching, patrols, monitoring, preventing unauthorised access and/or anything else for the security of your event, we can arrange what you need with minimal hassle.


We can provide the people you need when it comes to the schedule of your premises, unlock, lock, check and respond to any or all of your premises at times  that you need us to.


Mobile patrols could be incorporated into our keyholding service, and that’s what many do, however, you can have this as a standalone service, where our officers go to a location a number of times throughout the day to check that it’s safe, secure and to prevent and deter crime. Should anything be found during these patrols either yourself or the local authorities will be called and reports raised to ensure the integrity of your site.


The services listed on this page are just some of what we offer, to discuss the services listed here, or anything else that you need just get in touch!

You can contact D and D Security for any enquiries on;

Phone: 0800 830 3665

Our friendly team will ensure that you get the information you need.